About Us

Welcome to Deli

This unit of Srishti consists of hearing and speech impaired youngsters. These talented young men underwent training under Chef Anantha Solomon of Taj President, Mumbai for six months before they were absorbed into the Deli.    They learnt the art of making cakes, pastries, breads and other bakery products. Now, using state-of-the-art machinery, the Deli churns out bakery products that can rival the best of bakeries anywhere while catering to the needs of the local resorts and hotels in Munnar, apart from the steady stream of tourists that visit here.

Apart from the special associates, The Head Chef and Assistant Chef, the Deli also takes in catering students from a nearby catering college. They intern at the Deli for six months and at the end of it they are given certificates from the the Taj Hotels which hold them in good stead when they look for gainful employment later. The bakery also provides hygienic high-quality snacks and meals to our restaurant, Kurinji, which is consumed by the visiting tourists, also ordered for by hotels and other outlets in Munnar.